Pool party for the family

After the birthday celebration of my nephew, the family is planning to have a pool party because the kids loves to go swimming. Smiley Also, it is perfect to have a family bonding.  We seldom do it because some members of the family is a bit busy with their respective jobs.  This holiday season is the best day to do it because  it is vacation time.  There are no class for kids and no work for some member of the family.  Since we do not have pool of our own, we will be going to resort that has a pool for kids and adults.  And also pool that has rheem pool heater in it.  We wanted the kids to enjoy the warm water that is why we are looking for pool that has good heater.  Kids do feel the cold easily that is why heater is very important.

We found the resort already. We are just waiting for the day of our pool party.   As usual kids are excited and so are we.  The pool party will be one memorable days of the family.  Looking forward to it because I am pretty sure lots of fun awaits.     Smiley

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One Response to “Pool party for the family”

  1. Pinx says:

    wow! pool party! kuyog ko! hehehe..