Need to buy new curtain

I was cleaning the window the other day and at the same time changing the curtain on our window.  I used to this to welcome the new year with clean and pleasant house.  After cleaning the window, I went to the closet to get the curtains.  I was looking for our red curtain to put on our wall when I noticed that the color is slightly fade and the edge has torn.  Smiley  I felt sad because I did not notice it early.   If only I see it early I would buy red curtain for the holiday season.

I do not have time if I will buy new curtain, so I decided to just use the color pink curtain that we have.  It is an old curtain but looks good because I only used this when there is special occasion at home except Christmas.  Good thing  the pink curtain still looks brand new when hanging on our window. Smiley  Early next year I will for sure buy new red curtain for the holiday season.  I will search for a new design or make a unique design if my artistic talent works. Smiley  If not I will just look for a nice design online and I will copy it and tell it to the tailor who will sew the curtain for me.

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2 Responses to “Need to buy new curtain”

  1. Pinx says:

    ako pud, i need new curtains, new year na baya, nya puro ukay2x akong mga curtains! hahahaha!

  2. This year, I also bought yards and yards of curtain cloth from Ilaya, Divisoria and had my mananahi sew it. It’s much cheaper that way. Bought the curtain fabric after realizing that we only have two sets of curtains. Maybe next year, I can afford a Christmas set of curtains 🙂