New wallet from my sister

My current wallet was with me for I think five years now.  It was given to me by my brother.  It has sentimental value because it is the first present that I ever received from my brother.  I was so touched when he gave it to me because we are not close and we always fight. lol  I have been using the wallet he gave me for year already and it does not look  good anymore that is why I am thinking of buying a new one as a gift for myself.  SmileyI shared this thought to my sister once while we are having a little conversation.

I was heading to my sister’s house to check if she is ready because we are going to the malls to buy something for his son and I will also buy a wallet.  I was sitting on the bed while waiting for my sister to get ready when she handed me a wallet and said it is her Christmas gift for me.  I am so surprised because I did not expect my sister to buy me a new wallet.  Smiley My sister is so thoughtful to think of giving me a wallet despite she is on a tight budget.  She is the best sister ever that is why I so much love her.  Thank you sister for the surprised Christmas present.

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3 Responses to “New wallet from my sister”

  1. unikorna says:

    I wish you a new year filled with joys and …the new wallet filled with a lot of money :). Kisses.

  2. Tita Beng says:

    How sweet of your sister! I wish my sis is like yours too. hahaha.. oh,the truth is, my sis is thoughtful too! Lucky we are to have sibling like them.

    Nice site! Followed you thru GFC. Have a nice day!

  3. Elvirah says:

    I also love surprise and who doesn’t love it, of course. And its nice to hear that your sister was so thoughtful about you and surprised you with the wallet you needed this Christmas. Its a wonderful feeling to get surprised, isn’t it?