Batteries for the flashlight

In the house, we do have two flashlights that are always ready just in case there is blackout.  It is very difficult when there is blackout at night because the kids will cry for they are not used to dark room.  Just recently we have experienced blackout in the middle of the night.  When the father gets the flashlight to give light,  the flashlight is not working.  Only to find out that the batteries is not working.   We do not have any choice but to use the candle every time we went to the bathroom to pee.  And also one candle in the room where the kids are sleeping.

Since the batteries are not working anymore, the father is planning to buy new one.  The father is looking for durable battery to use because it is for sure would last longer.  He is looking for different batteries and this duracell procell 9V is one great product.  The kind that the father is looking for.  It is of good quality and it is very safe to use and perfectly fits to our two flashlights.


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