From 61 kilograms down to 59

For the third time in a row, losing weight is one of my new years resolutions.  Yes,  have done it many times and sad to say I always failed.  This year, I promised to put my heart to lose weight.  I am more willing and determined to make it this time before I regret it forever.  However, since there are three of us who celebrates birthday on January I decided to start my diet program on the month of February.  I have 11 months to do my diet program.  With the support of my family and some friends, I guess I can do it this time.  I am crossing my fingers though because some foods are really tempting.

I started dieting on the first week of this month.  It was really difficult even up to now because I avoid in between meals.  It is a sort of torture for me but I have to control myself to make things happen.   I am now on my third week and still not used to it because my body is craving for more foods.  The last time I weigh myself I am 61 kilograms and now I am 59.  Even if the progress is not that fast, still I am happy to see that I am loss two kilograms.  My target weight is 50 and I am now in 59.  I have to battle for the remaining nine kilograms.  Way to go for me and I hope I will hit my target or at least get closer to it.  Wish me luck!


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