Need to have my own headphone

After the old headphone was busted, I didn’t bother to buy new once since my laptop has built it microphone and speaker.  I was contented with these features in my laptop until just recently.  I was chatting to my cousin who works abroad when she suggested that we would try voice chat.  I am so excited since it has been two years since the last time I heard her voice.  It feels great to be able to talk to her but one thing that bothers me is that the other member of the family heard what we are talking because the speaker is in loud volume.  Plus I have to speak a bit louder for my voice to reach the build it microphone.  I know that the microphone is sensitive enough to catch my voice but still I am not contented to speak in a low tone.

I feel that I do not have any privacy at all.  I know that we will do more voice chat from now on.  And I guess I need to buy new headphone to be able to talk to the cousin in private.  I was browsing in the internet to find any idea of a good headphone to buy and denon headphones is a good one.  This headphone is a great one I must say because I can also used this when I am listening to my favorite music.  Sometimes, I am listening to music while doing my online stuffs in the middle of the night.  So, listening to music using my headphone would make me feel good and give awesome ambiance in my mind.


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