Losing her patience

In a working place, it is best to be friends with colleague to have a harmonious relationship.  This is what my sister wanted when she entered in the school where she works now first time.  She has been there for five friends and so far having a good relationship with her colleagues.  One day, one of her closest colleague acting very strange to her.  No matter how much she understand her, her colleague is pushing her to the limit.  The sister is trying to reach out and talk to her but her colleague doesn’t want to talk to her.

The sister do not like the idea of forcing someone to talk to her, so she give her the time and space between them.  As the days go by, her colleague doing things that makes my sister irritates.  The kind of patience that the sister has controls her irritation.  However, her actions pushes my sister to the limit.  Yesterday I am having a short conversation with my sister.  She again told me about the issues she is facing right now.  She also told me that she is losing her patience to her colleague and that she wanted to burst out.  I know my sister very well, her patience is to wide.  But I can sense that she is losing it.  I hope that the sister will find time to talk to her colleague in private to clear things before worse thing might happen.  Even if their friendship won’t be back to the way it was before, at least they are in good terms because they work in the same institution and the same level.


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