The bother is not yet home

I am planning to sleep early tonight because I am going to meet a friend tomorrow at the city.  But when the father told me to wait for my brother to arrived from work, my plan to sleep early went to trash..arghs!  The brother has an over time job at the company he works with, so I am here fully awake waiting for him to be home.  It’s almost 2 o’clock in the morning at the brother is not home yet.  I did not notice the time because I am enjoying doing my tasks online and at the same time talking to a friend online.

I am glad that my friend is still online as of this time. I have someone to talk to while doing my tasks.  Because of her I am not feel sleepy and we are going to meet tomorrow morning…haha!  I am thinking, if we meet tomorrow we are like zombies…haha   I am almost done doing my tasks online.  I hope the brother will be home soon so that I could get to sleep.  Though I am a bit worried because he is not home yet.  I pray he is safe on his way home.


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One Response to “The bother is not yet home”

  1. Mona says:

    Musta naman bonding nyo? Anyway, for sure nakauwi na si bro! hehe.