Because of the weather

I was not able to update my blogs for the couple of days because I am having problems with my internet connection.  I was always disconnected every time I am trying to connect.  And when I am connected and opening my blog it always says, there was a problem loading the site.arghs! I cannot open even just one window in my browser.  This is because of the bad weather.  The weather is windy and rainy that affects the internet connection.  It is really a disappointment when this situation happens because I cannot do my online stuffs.

I am supposed to write the things I have in my mind but did not able to do it.  I really hate it because I cannot retain the ideas that pops up in my mind.  Since I cannot open any window in my browser, I just spent my day going to chat rooms and find someone to talk to and talking to my friends who are in my messenger’s lists.  Good thing I can connect to yahoo messenger and it eases my boredom for a while.  Made me realized that having slow net connection helps me to rest and relax doing blogging stuffs.  I free my brain from thinking of what to write and share.  In a way, it helps me to relax for some time.  Without net connection is not bad at all.  Indeed, there is good side in everything.  We just have to look for the bright side of it.


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