New speakers for the next school year

The sister handles 50 students in one classroom.  It is a crowd but she does not have any choice but to accept that this is normal to public schools here in the country.  Each year thousands of students are added and that causes the shortage of rooms and teachers that end up having one teacher for every 50 students.  The sister is having a problem on how to teach the students by always shouting.  Her voice will be at risk, that is why they are advised to use speakers and microphone to refrain her from shouting.  A brilliant idea and the sister is happy about it.

As per advise, the sister is looking for a good quality of speakers to use in her class.  There are various of speakers to choose from but she is hooked to Genelec Speakers. I can’t blame her because the speakers looks really nice.  She will be needing microphone and she is set for the next school year.  And because she will be having new speakers at her classroom, the sister will no longer bring her small cassette to teach music subject.  She can also use the new speakers to play the songs that the will going to teach to her students.  She can teach music easily now and even use the microphone to hear the voice of her students in the speakers while singing.


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