The Earth Hour

The earth hour is one of the largest event in history.  The whole world will is encourage to participate to show they still care for the environment.  This is one way of spreading the love and care for the world.  And also, this is in relation for the changes we have experience in our climate today.  We do feel the climate change right?  And we have to do something to at least save the world that God has given to us.  Earth hour is turning off the lights for an hour.  This is done to raise the people’s awareness about climate change.

The earth hour will take place on March 31, 2012.  This is to save the planet we live in and so everyone is encourage to participate.  It is best to know that people do care for the earth.  We cannot do something alone.  We can achieve great things by doing it together.  Who wants to live in a very healthy plant? All of us, right?  So, do participate this world event for this is for the goodness of the planet and all the creatures living in it.

I have heard about this earth day but haven’t participate yet.  This year I will surely participate together with my friends.  Let us make changes now before its too late.  Let’s go and participate together.


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One Response to “The Earth Hour”

  1. Mona says:

    Sana possible to everyday no … I saw how Davao participated in this event galing. Here in our place wala eh 🙁