Incident at the beach

Last Easter Sunday the family and I went to beach to celebrate the birthday of the father and at the same time celebrating Easter Sunday.  The beach was so crowded that time.  There are lots of people celebrating Easter Sunday at the beach.  It is fun watching the kids playing with sands, water and the waves.  Simple things that makes little ones smiles.  While everyone is enjoying and having fun, there was a man carrying an unconscious little girl.  Everyone at the beach was shocked to see unexpected incidents.  I was not paying attention about it, but when a mother cried out loud, we noticed that there is serious incidents happens.

The supposed to be fun day, turns out a tragic day for the family of the little girl.  There are individuals who knows first aid trying their best to revive the little girl.  I was there watching the girl and the rescuers doing their best to save the life of the little girl.  When the little girl respond, they quickly called 911 to bring the little girl to the nearest hospital.  I saw in my own two eyes how sad pitiable the condition of the little girl.  When the 911 arrives, people are feel relieve but the ambiance at the beach is not the same because of the tragic incident.

Reporters arrives and doing their reports.  I so wanted to know if the little girl is fine so I watched morning local news the following day.  I felt really sad after hearing the news.  The little girl did not able to survive.  I am sad to know that precious little life is wasted.  I say wasted because her mother neglected her while enjoying the day at the beach.  If only the mother pays more attention to her daughter, the incident would have been avoided.  Lesson that parents and adults should learn.  We should pay attentions to little ones especially if we are having fun at the beach.  May the soul of the little girl rest in peace.

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One Response to “Incident at the beach”

  1. you’re right if there is one place that we should be more caution is the beach, i always tag along someone who could seriously look my son when at the beach