Updated my SSS status

It was in 2001 since the last time I paid my SSS (Social Security System) contribution.  It was when I was a working student.  I stopped paying it because I was lay off from my job.  I did not find a new job then because I am a bit busy on my studies.  I did not able to pay my contribution since then and did not able to get my SSS identification card as well.  It’s just recently when the sister told me to update my status in the SSS and continue paying my contribution as voluntary member I do not work in any company.  I do not have time before because I am busy taking care of my siblings kids.

The sister promised that she would accompany me this April.  The sister’s promised was happened yesterday.  She did accompanied me to the SSS and helped me out in updating my status in the SSS.  I also applied to get and SSS identification card.  Yesterday was a fruitful day for me because I am done with updating my status.  Though I have to wait six months before my identification card arrives.  I have now one valid Id inside my pocket.  Thanks to my sister for accompanying me.  Later this month, I will pay my first quarter contribution.

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