Visiting an old friend

I do value my friends.  They are part of my journey in life.  They added more spices and happiness in my life aside from my family.  Every time I missed a friend, I visited her at her house.  I want to surprise her that is why I did not tell her.  I will just knock on her door.  Seeing a friend’s face every time I made a surprise visit is fun.  Fun because she is like speechless and do not know what to do.  One day when I visited her few months after her wedding day, I am surprised because she now like living in vain.  I can tell that she is living like a queen in her own abode.  She has nice house, nice car, and nice life I bet.  I am not envy, just stating the fact of how nice my friend’s life now after getting married.  Added to that she has very nice garage.  Her garage is like her the living room because she puts on a very nice garage flooring. Makes her garage more lively because of the colorful floor tiles she puts on.  If ever I have my own car one day, I would love to puts on the tiles that a friend has to make my garage lovely to look at.

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One Response to “Visiting an old friend”

  1. lanie says:

    namis ko tuloy friend ko :-(, i treat her as my eldest sister..
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