Did not come on time

I am the kind of person that has enough patience to understand people.  I know it is not good because some people will take advantage of it.  I believed that patience is a virtue, that is why I always extend my patience especially if I feel that I am losing it.  This is what I did to an old  friend of mine who did not come on time.  We invited to a friend’s birthday celebration and a thanksgiving as well for passing the board exam for teachers.  I do not want being late because waiting for minutes is not good.  I messaged my friend that I am on my way and hope she will not late.  I did not receive any response from her.  It is eating my patience.  I just did inhale and exhale method.

When I arrived at the meeting place, no friend to be found there.  arghs!  It is killing me waiting there under the heat of the sun.  She did reply that she is on her way.  But I have to wait for more than 20 minutes for her to arrive.  The nice messages I sent earlier turns out into a not so good one.  It is because she did not come on time knowing that she is near the city.  I am piss off, and talking to myself in an angry tone.  I am like crazy talking to myself.  There are lots of bad words that comes up in my mind.  I even think of using it to her when she arrives.  I am thinking of going and do not wait her anymore, however, thinking of the minutes I was there makes me realized I have waited for minutes, why not wait till she arrives.  That is how huge is my patience.  Luckily she arrives at exactly 12:37 afternoon.  She is 17 minutes late.  I hope that in our next meeting she will come on time because waiting isn’t a good idea.

How about you?  Do you want to wait for a friend who did not arrived on time?  Do you have enough patience to wait?

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