Finally bought a new mop

Months ago, I have mentioned that I need to buy new mop because I broke the old one.  Well, I am just so strong I guess for I broke it while mopping the floor. haha!  Unexpected cost that I have to be incurred.  I am a bit sad because I do not have budget yet to buy new one.  My brother always reminded me about the mop.  I just told him I will to stop him from bugging me. lol   I know it is my fault but I did not mean to stroke it very hard that caused the handle gets broken.

I do not have plans to buy new mop yet because I have my priorities.  But yesterday while at the mall, I saw a great deal of mop.  The store offered 50% discount of the mop.  Perfect timing to buy it because I will pay half the price of the mop.  The mop is nice and of good quality, and so I immediately get one for me because shoppers are buying too.  My plans to buy a new bag cancelled because I bought new mop.  My brother will stop now from bugging I finally bought a new mop.  Good thing because he will be cleaning the house before were going to have our vacation.

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