Does Profession Matters?

We all have taught by our parents and oldies to be patient.  And even in bible, it is said that when someone throws a stone on you, throw them back a bread.  It is very difficult to do but when we do it for love and for the love of God to us we can.  But sometimes we provoked by those people around us.  No matter how much we wanted them to understand the way they treated it, sometimes we lost our patience and fight back.  We forgot to think straight because of anger.  Later when we are calm regrets are there and even wishing we didn’t do it.
When situation like this, does profession really matter?  Is it bad to fight back when you are a teacher?  Questions in my mind that needs some answers.
This is what a friend of mine is going through now.  As much as she wanted to be friends with her colleagues some are jealous because of this gestures.  They think she is trying to be friendly.  Who knows better than herself?  Indeed, we cannot please everybody because of envy people are mean people that makes her feel she is the bad one.  Patience runs out and she bursted out that made her utter words that she wish she didn’t do.  But damaged is already done as they say.  Regrets are there, though she cannot take back what she said at least this is a lesson learned by her that no matter how bad they are to you, still keep smiling because God is always there and will never leave you.  Sometimes we forgot our profession because we are tease by some circumstances.  It is the trials that she has to take because it is part of life.  Life without trials is nothing because trials are there to help us to be strong and better person.  God bless you!


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