Migrating to Canada

Few months from now my friend and her family will be migrating to Canada.  I am happy for her because her dream will soon come true and at the same time sad because I will be missing her.  Though we can still see each other if we are chatting, still talking for real is different.  She might be living on the other side of the world but the friendship will always be there.  As of now, they are just waiting for their visa and then they are on their way to Canada.  How I wish I’ll be lucky enough even just to visit other country for once.

Part of their preparation is to buy some clothes, shoes, bags, and a lot more to bring to Canada.  They are like starting from scratch because they will not bring all of their clothes.  They need new stuffs to be exact.  While they are busy preparing things here in the Philippines, her cousin is also busy renovating the place they will going to stay.  Since the renovations is on going, I might as well tell my friend about the renovations Toront for the renovation job.  It would be best to hire someone to do the job for they are more knowledgeable when it comes to fixing and renovating the homes.  After the renovation, it is right to do a little home improvement and that the home improvements Toronto will do their part.  I am pretty sure that the friend’s home will be a nice place to stay.  They will surely call it a home sweet home.

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One Response to “Migrating to Canada”

  1. Pinx says:

    aaawwssss! happy for her….hehehe…