No watching of TV

Since the day that classes starts, the brother and her daughters made an agreement that they are not allowed to watch television shows on school days.  The same agreement they made a year ago.  It was half successful last year because the kids are not used to it.  Also, that time they have favorite show to watch every night.  I must say, they have argued a lot.  My brother wins sometimes and sometimes the kids especially when the kids are crying.  haha!  Indeed their father has soft part in him.  And he felt sorry for his kids that’s why he is allowing them to watch provided that their assignments are finish.  In fairness to the kids, they finished last year with honors.

This year is a bit strict for the kids.  Especially to Ronna who is in first section.  Strictly no watching television shows for her.  She needs to study because she belongs to fast learner section.  She needs to focus and study  hard to get good grades.  I was once in first section and I can tell it is never easy.  I am feeling the pressure and the competition in there.  Even if I am not in the mood to study I have to, to get good grades.  I do not want to be the lowest so I did my very best.  Anyways, I felt sorry for the kids but this it for their own good.  Besides they can watch on weekends.

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