As if he knows how to read

Before my two years old nephew loves to play the shoes of his sisters.  He loves to wear it inside the house.  We are afraid that he will become gay when he grow up.  The nephew always follow that his older sisters are doing.  We just let him do what he likes because he loves doing it.  But if there is unusual acts, we tell him that it is not right and it is not good.  Even if he is young, we tried to make him understand that some things are not for him to have.  Well, he is just a kid.  What he hears and saw is right.  And he does not have any idea of what he follows and do.  He is just doing it because his sisters are doing it also.

Just recently, the nephew is into reading books.  His sisters are already schooling and he is just observing what his sister are doing.  When his sisters are not around, he opens their bags and grabbed a book.  I am just observing him.  It  is so funny because after he opens the book, he is like reading it as if he knows how to read.  It is so cute because he just looking at the picture and utters the image he saw.  The most funny thing is when he calls his one year old cousin and says, “come JC lets read”. haha!  The nephew already knows how to count numbers.  And I guess it is time for him to learn the alphabet.  I might buy flash cards for him.  So that when he goes to school, he  is ready.

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