The nephew’s vaccination

Almost every month that the nephew is taking antibiotic for the cough.  The sister is so worried that her son is sickly.  They cannot save money because they keep on coming to doctor and buy medicine for her son.  She does not want it to happen again that is why the sister is saving money for the vaccination needed to protect her son from cough.  It took months of saving because the vaccination is a bit expensive.  Worth it to spend because it will for sure protect the nephew especially in cold and rainy weather.

Today is the scheduled vaccination of the nephew.  I woke up early because I have to go with them for the sister cannot carry him.  It is not good for her to carry heavy things.  It is for her own good because she is pregnant.  The vaccination has done.  I do hope that after this vaccination the nephew is well protected from the air burn bacteria and viruses that caused cough, colds and fever.  The sister needs to save money because she is two months on the way.  No more coughs and fever for the nephew I hope.  We will come back for another vaccination after two months.  The next vaccination is for flu protection.

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