Did not last long

Almost every day, I am with my nephews.  They are the one who keeps me busy aside from the household chores and blogging.  I am always handful so to speak.  After attending them in the morning, I let them play in the living room while I am doing my things online.  From time to time I check on them because sometimes they are fighting and hitting each other.  Well, you know kids.  I lay all their toys on the floor for them to start playing and refrain them from bugging me.  While I am doing my stuffs, they too are making themselves busy playing.

Because kids are kids, no toys will last longer because they love to throw their toys, and riding on their small toy cars.  This is the reason they do not have toys to play now.  They do not have lots of toys and most of it were broken so I throw it in the garbage can.  I am thinking of buying new set of toys for them to play for my own good.  haha!  For the mean time they are playing with shoes, plastic glass, books looking at the pictures and watching cartoon shows.  Kids gets bored easily and end up bugging me.  Gosh I need to buy new toys for them to play.  I mean soon. whew!

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