Rush him to the pediatrician

After our short travel last Monday, the nephew got sick.  He had fever that night and vomiting.  I felt so sorry for the nephew because he looks so sick.  In a way I am blaming myself for bringing him with us.  Good thing is that he get well after a day of medication.  But the vomiting continues and this makes us so worried.  The nephew throws up after drinking his milk and he is very weak.  The nephew have to drink his milk because he is weak and he is not eating solid foods either.  We just give him small frequent feeding for him to at least gain some strength.

Just this morning, the nephew vomits twice and so weak.  I was carrying him when I noticed some rashes on his face, arms, back, chest, head and legs.  I am so worried so I called the sister who is at work and informing her about his son.  We rush him to the pediatrician because we are so worried about the dengue fever.  Though we are praying that it is far from dengue fever.  After the check up, we felt relieve after the pediatrician told us about the rashes.  The rashes caused by air allergies because it is s a bit windy when we travel last Monday.  And the vomiting was caused by eating too much oily foods.  Thanks God it is not really that serious.

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