Her home economics project

The niece is in her fourth year in her elementary level.  The year where they have subject in Home Economics.  The Home Economics is a nice subject because the students will be able to learn how to cook, sew, good grooming, and many others.  In other words, this subject will allow students to learn how to be a responsible one when they grow older.  I can proved to this because my talent of sewing and loves to cook starts from my learning.  I find it interesting and challenging that is why I was hooked to collecting recipes and sewing.

This is one of my favorite subjects back then.  Opposite to my niece who is now crying because her project is not yet done.  It was given to her last week and because she played first before doing her assignments and projects.  She needs a cotton, needle and thread for the said project.  She does not know what to do and now she is crying because she has no cotton to use.  My goodness, the niece is becoming an irresponsible student.  I give her a cotton for her to take part in making their project tomorrow.  I hope that the niece will not take for granted this subject because this subject will help her a lot to use in the future.

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