First periodical examination

The kids will have their first periodical examination at school.  But I do not see the pressure in them.  Seems like tomorrow is like an ordinary school days for them.  They did not study their lessons nor read their notes.   Actually, I see myself in them.  Because I do not like to study my lessons.   It is because no one will help me in studying my lessons.  If only my mother were alive, I am sure she will help me in studying my lessons.  Anyhow, I did well even if I did not study my lessons.  I am not saying I am gifted or intelligent student, just that my memory is good back then. haha!

Since it is their first periodical examination, I told their father (my older brother) to help his daughters in studying their lessons.  Especially his eldest who belongs to the first section.  I feel the pressure for the eldest  niece because the class she belongs is difficult.  She has to get good results in the examination for her to get good grades.  She belongs to fast learner class so she needs to study her lessons.  Also to my other niece, I urge her to study her lessons to get good grades.  Hopefully the kids will get good grades tomorrow.  Good luck girls..

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