Shakespeare movies fanatic

It was really my sister who influenced me to like the movies of Shakespeare.  She is a Shakespeare movies fanatic.  To her it is a worth to watch movies because of the settings of the story and the story itself.  Every weekend, the sister never miss to rent CD for us to watch.  In a way it is our way of unwinding from the busy life at school.  At first I didn’t like the settings because it is too old but eventually I get to like it.  I like their fabulous dresses and the place where it shoot.  It is like I came back from the time when my parents were young.  One of my all time favorite is the story of Romeo and Juliet.  Their love for each other and the conflicts of their family brought them to death.  Sad story but there is a bit reality in it.

Anyway, I am saying this because it brings back the memory after I saw this romeo y julieta cigars.  Makes me think that the manufacturer of this cigars is a big fan of Shakespeare.  And one of his favorite is the Romeo and Juliet movies just like me.  Well, who doesn’t recognized this very famous characters of Shakespeare’s creations?  I supposed all loves this movies that is why the remake of the movie was made for the people to love and remember.

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