Remedial Class at School

The niece is doing good at school.  Her grades are above average except for the Mathematics subject.  She is a bit slow with the numbers.  Maybe because she doesn’t like to study this subject.  We tried to encourage her and motivate her to appreciate and love this subject.  Every weekend, I forbid her to go outside and play because I want her to take the chance to study her math subject.  Though her grades is not that bad but it is low compared to her other subjects.  Also, her score in quizzes and first grading examination.

This is the reason her parents enrolled her to take remedial class in Mathematics at school.  The remedial classes will be every Saturday.  It started last Saturday.  Is she excited.  I hope this is the beginning of her loving this subject.  And also hope that her grades in this subject will improve after taking remedial class.  I am crossing my fingers that the niece won’t get bored at school.

I remember back when I am studying, Mathematics is one of my favorite subjects.  It is challenging and interesting.  I really hope that the niece will love this subject too.

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One Response to “Remedial Class at School”

  1. Pinx says:

    hehehe, we’re opposite..i don’t like math. and like your niece, i went to remedial classes too when i was in third year high school… i don’t like numbers…