Product for my skin

I’ve always wanted to go to the salon spa to have myself pampered.  However, I did not find any time to do it because I am too busy at home.  I am always running out of time.  Every time I go out, I am always in a hurry because my father will always sending me messages on my phone asking where am I.  How is that?  Seems like I am only teenager that needs to be supervised everywhere I go.  arghs!  That is why going to salon spa is not possible because my time is limited.

Since I cannot find time to go to the salon spa,I guess the best thing to do it is at home.  Yes, I will just do the pampering at home and I am looking for a beauty products that I can use at home to pamper myself.  I know that it is not easy to just try products without consulting professionals, still I will try the sea salt product for my skin.  I have read some reviews, and so far it convinces me to try this one.  Hopefully I do get good result after applying this product.

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