First Grading Results

What parents wants and dreams for their kids is to get good grades at school.  This is what my brother is wishing and hoping for his kids.  Though he is not a hands on father when it comes to helping his daughters in doing the assignments of his kids still he is there to give support, love and encouragements.  Not that the brother does not know how to help his kids, just that he is not confident enough on his ability.  This is important to do as a parent.  The kids will do good and strive harder at school especially if they are supported by their parents and always checking the kids notes and performance at school.

Anyhow, after patiently waiting for the first grading result finally it comes out. whew!  The brother is excited to see that grades of his daughters at school.  He is excited to know if his daughters are doing well and does have good grades.  Tomorrow will be the releasing of first grading results and I hope that the kids are doing really well.  I am excited to see their grades too.  I have seen the kids studying their lessons and doing their best even if they do not have study habit.  I am like them back when I was at their age, I do not like to study but in fairness to me I did well at school and have good grades.   And that included copying of assignment and exams.  haha!

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