For the kids to enjoy

I babysit four kids in the family.  Two nieces and two nephews who loves to play a lot.  I enjoyed watching them playing on their toys or just playing empty plastic box or ice cream container.  I can say that they are very much resourceful to find ways to enjoy themselves every time they gets bored from playing the same toys everyday.  I sometimes make boat and airplane our of paper.  It is one of our bonding moments.  Even if it is tiring to look after them 6 days a week, but it is worth it because I get to enjoy every moment I spent with them.  They make me angry at times, but most of the time they make me laugh by just looking at them doing their things and seeing them discovering new things especially the funny ones.  Anyways, since they get bored playing the same toys over and over, I thought of buying toys at for custom frisbees. Something new for them to enjoy. I am pretty sure they would love this because this is like a new adventure for them.

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