Strong attachement to their children

When parents are both working, time spent with the kids/family is lesser.  The bonding between parents and children is limited because of the parents busy schedule.  Though there are parents who can manage the time and able to spend quality time to their children.  To the parents who can’t give much time to their children, it is nanny/babysitter who spent time with the kids or the television and the computers.  Spending more time watching television and facing the computer weakens the emotional bonds they have with their parents.  Attitudes are affected by the violence they have seen in the television and in the computers.  About the nanny/babysitter, children become more closer to them than t their parents.  Sometimes when the children wants something they prefer to ask them, not to their parents.  Which is not so good.

The parents started to worry when these occurs, that is why it is best to spend more time with the children no matter how busy they are to have strong attachment with them.  To read with them and play with them even short time is showing to the children they have time with them and always available when they need them.  Parents and children will be more closer doing these things.  The bond of understanding, trust and affection will surely meet by parents and children.  Act now before you feel that your children feels aloof talking to you.

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