Advised to minimized walking and standing

The sister is seven months pregnant.  Compared to her first pregnancy, she is more fragile on her second pregnancy.  She has been complaining abdominal pain since her first trimester till now.  She is taking medicines for the pain though.  Since she does not have household helper/nanny yet, she do not have any choice but to do the household chores and baby sit her first baby.  She is a working mom, and doing household chores when she is home makes her so tired.  I do help her sometimes because I have to take care of the household stuffs at home too.  It is difficult for me to manage two houses and serving two masters at the same time.

On her seventh months of pregnancy, the sister still felt the pain.  So, she went to her OB and told the Ob about her abdominal pain.  Then she knew that her it is her first operation that gives her pain in the abdominal part.  The stitches are getting thinner because of too much walking and standing up.  She is advised to minimized walking and standing up because it would be dangerous for her.  If she still does the same thing, she will give birth before her due date.   This means one thing; I will be at their place most of the time now and help the sister with some of their household chores.

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