Facilitating the Christmas party

In less than three-weeks, the sister will be having their Christmas party at school with her students.  Just like the earlier years, I will be joining them to help her with the games and the prizes.  I don’t interfere with the program because the parents will be helping her.  But I am the one who is thinking of the games for the kids to make the party more enjoyable and exciting.  Kids love to play games so I make the program for the games to be played.   I am in-charge of the prizes and the paraphernalia’s to be used in every game and the sister will explain the rules and on how to execute the game/s.

However, this year is different because the sister is pregnant and advised to reduce standing up and getting tired, she asked me to facilitate their Christmas party program.  Nyay!  I am pressured now because I do not know how to handle a party with kids plus they don’t know me and I am not familiar with them.  I asked the sister to help me though.  I hope I am able to handle it well to make the party memorable, exciting and enjoyable for the kids.

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