Ready for their Christmas Party

Christmas is the much awaited event by everyone especially the kids.  It is because their mind is set for receiving gifts, party and buying new things.  This is so true because I once has this feeling when I was younger.  I still have this feeling but not the same as before, because now that I am older, I will be the one buying gifts for me and for the kids.  I am saying this because this is what I noticed from my nieces today.  They always asked me of what I am going to buy for them.  They are bothering themselves a lot of the gifts they will be receiving this holiday season.

Anyways, the kids will be having their Christmas party tomorrow.  Excited?  Yes they are very much excited, because they will be wearing their new clothes and shoes.  In fact, they keep on fitting their new clothes and shoes.  They also bugging their parents to buy the gift they will be bringing for they will have exchanging of gifts to their classmates.  They sleep early tonight, but before going to bed they are done checking the things they will bring tomorrow.  Also, they already checked for many times actually, their clothes and shoes.  I hope that the kids will have a good time tomorrow and enjoy their Christmas party.

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