Christmas vacation is over

The Christmas vacation for the kids was fun and excitement.  They play a lot with their friends and spent time playing with their younger brother and cousin.  They got new stuffs from their parents, from me and from their mommy (aunt/my older sister).  We did bring them the city’s famous park, malls to shop, and let them play at the wonderland (the place where lots of toys are).   Though it was a short vacation, the kids are having so much fun especially the girls.  The girls are making it sure that they will have an enjoyable vacation because they go back to school after Christmas vacation.

Indeed, the Christmas vacation is over.  In less than a week, the girls will go back to school.  They are checking their bags, notebooks, books, pencil, pen and other school things.  I can tell that they are not yet ready to go back to school because they still wanted to play with their friends, but as a student, they have to.    They still have five days to enjoy the vacation.  The problem is that the weather is not good.  They have to stay at home and play with the little boys, whom they do not like because little boys are messier and cry a lot.  They end up quarreling.  Even though they are quarreling, I like it because they spent time together.

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