Filing a maternity leave

15 days before the expected date, the sister should file a maternity leave.  And because she will give birth in two to three weeks, she already filed a maternity leave two days ago.  She is now ready to leave work but she will be working till the day she gives birth.  Her substitute teacher is also ready to take over her job.  She will be off work for two months and she is so excited because she is free from paper works and the noisy students.  Haha!  Of course the sister would miss her students and her job but she will be happy to take good care of her son first.  She will be back to work in March and since March is the end of classes, the sister will be spending longer time with her son.

I can tell that the sister is very much excited because she keeps on checking the things he already packed in the bags.  But she is a bit scared because she will undergo C-section.   It is not her first time, but she still is scared.  I know she will be fine and will give birth safely.  I pray for sister’s safe delivery.

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