Playing Cards

It’s been a while since the family play cards while in the living room and watching our favorite local shows.  We used to play cards every night before, but stopped doing it on the first day of school.  It is because the brother has to sleep early to prepare foods for his kids in the morning and for their lunch.  I missed playing cards with my father and brother because I always win every time we play.  I am able to save some from the money I won playing with them.  Though I also lost, but most of the time I win.

Anyways, after months of not playing, just recently the younger brother visited us.  While watching television, the younger brother asked if we have cards because he wanted to play with us.  Because we do not have cards anymore, he went to buy cards so we could play our favorite cards game.  I enjoyed playing games with them that night and I am so happy because as usual I won again. Wohoo!  Indeed no member of the family can defeat me.  I am not saying I am very good at it, just that I am a bit lucky when I play cards.  Well, the luck is always on my side so to speak.

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