Microphone Cable

The family loves to sing a lot even if we are not a family of singers. I can tell that singing is one the family’s special bonding. Every Sunday, the family usually stays at home and do the sing-along. And because we only have one microphone, the kids sometimes pull the cable especially when they want to sing too or just shouting/yelling at the microphone. We ended up singing without the microphone. I wish that we have two more microphones so that even if the kids took the other microphone there is another microphone to use.

One day, the brother brought home a broken microphone. His friend does not want it anymore because it’s broken. Since the brother knows how to repair microphone, he learned that the cable of the microphone is damaged. The brother is looking for a nice microphone cable. Since I bump into this exciting Monster Cable, I told the brother to try this cable and see if he likes it. Soon, the microphone will get fixed and we have another microphone on the next sing-along session of the family.

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