Garage Sale

I passed by at the neighbour’s house when I read the ‘Garage Sale’ signage.  I am curious of the signage, so I asked some neighbour if it is true.  Then I learned that the neighbour is selling all their stuffs because they will be moving to Luzon soon.  The stuffs that they are selling are still very nice and in good condition.  Since the sister is thinking of buying a sala set, I told her to come by at the neighbor’s to see if she likes the sala set that the neighbour is selling.

I accompany the sister when she went to the nieghbors.  After seeing the sala set, the sister loves it.  She then immediately asked for the price.  The sister bought it right away after hearing the amount.  It is a good deal because the amount is half from the original price.  The sister now has sala set and she is so happy because the amount is able to save some after buying the cheap sala set.  It is great to buy stuffs on garage sale because you will get the nice item/s on a cheap amount.  It is true that the trash of others is a treasure to others.

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