Missed the spelling competition

Because the niece fell from the terrace, she was absent from school for two days.  She needs to be confined in the hospital because she is vomiting.  She has to undergone some laboratories and observation to make sure she is fine.  In the two days of being absent the niece misses lots of things from school.  She did not able to take the weekly tests, pass her assignments and misses the chance to join the spelling contest.  She was chosen to be the representative from their class but because of the accident, she was replaced by her classmate.  It was so unfortunate for the niece.

 I am so sad when I heard the niece will no longer be the representative from their class because the competition is very much important to niece to get good points from joining school activities.  I do hope that even if she missed to compete on the spelling contest, she still be part of the honor students.  By the way, the niece is better now and attended their class already.   Better luck next time for the niece.  She can still join school competition but on the next school year though.  I pray that when that time comes, the niece will be able to attend to show her talent.

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