Was there any sincerity in it?

It has been two years now since they aren’t talking anymore after fighting over different issues.  It is so sad knowing that they used to be best friends and so close with each other.  Their friendship were tested that caused it to be broken.  Pride has been hit badly that makes them throwing not so good words to each other.  Beatings by words are more painful than beats physically.  I have been there, tried it and to tell you it is a torture.  I must say, they did not able to handle the situation well that makes the hurtful stuffs dig deeper.  If only they take some time to talk it over the table, lay all the cards and listen to each other to save the friendship/relationship.  However, both parties are not giving a time to speak their sides and not willing to reach out.

Anyhow, nothing is impossible in this world.  Both parties are now reconciled.  They forgive and forget and start anew.  It really feels good be reconciled.  I guess the wounds have been healed.  It is good to see them together, spend time and do bonding.  But, there is hearsay that the other parties are talking behind the other parties back. To me, it sounds like a hypocrite.  How can they do it when they are already reconciled?  This isn’t my business at all, and I can’t just butt-in just like that.   That is why I just wrote my opinion here.  My question is that, was there any sincerity in their heart during the reconciliation?  Too bad if there is not.

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