Teaching her how to cook rice

My niece is turning 10 years old this year and she doesn’t know how to cook rice yet.  I remember when I was at her age; I already know how to cook rice with the help of my older siblings.  I was not able to enjoy more playing with my friends outside because I have to do the responsibilities that were given to me by my older siblings.  I was angry then, but looking back I am so grateful because it made me more responsible person.  I learned how to do some house hold stuffs at early age.  And I am trying to do it to my nieces.

One morning, while I was busy attending my three months old, one year and two years, I saw my niece playing outside the house.  I was thinking, instead of her just playing outside, it would be best if she could help me doing the household chores when I am busy with the little ones.  I called the niece’s attention and told her to cook rice.  At first she said no, but when I told her that she will look after the little ones she said yes to cook. Haha!  Anyways, I am instructing her on how to cook rice and she obediently follows what I say.  Her first attempt was perfect and I am so happy for her.  She is now in-charge of cooking rice when she is around.

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