Back to school

It’s June and it is back to school.  Two months’ vacation for the kids is over.  Oh yeah!   Even though they are not yet ready to go back to school yet because they love to play more, they do not have any choice.  Their bags and school requirements are ready.  Some kids are excited to go back to school, but the girls at home are not.  Yes, they are sad because going back to school means less play and study more for them.  I have stated new rules this school year because I do want them to focus on studies for them to get good grades and hopefully be part of the honor students.

The girls are in the first section.  Meaning, they are part of the class where fast learners and achiever students are there.  They have to study hard to excel and be on top.  They can still play though, but only when they are done doing their assignments and done studying their lessons.  Although they are doing excellent job last school year, however, to me it is not enough.  They should focus more to get good grades and be one of the achievers.  So girls, good luck and study your lessons.

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