Rashes comes out after the fever

After suffering from fever for four days, the five months old nephew now is getting better.  Thanks God he is fine now and starts to smile again.  We are so worried for few days because his fever goes up to 39.  The sister decided to bring him to his pedia, but because the pedia is not around, we opted to come back the following day.  We just continue monitoring the temperature of the nephew and have him take the medicine every four hours.  Good thing the fever is gone; we do not need to go to the pedia anymore.

We are glad that the fever has gone; however, the rashes that come out on the nephew’s body makes us worry.  I know rashes will fade in three days just like what happened to the niece months ago, but seeing the rashes all over the nephew’s body makes me sad.  I wish I knew how to cure it.  I guess we just have to wait till the rashes fade away.  The good thing is that the nephew is better now, no fever and back to being a bubbly kid.  Rashes are so itchy, so I wish it will fade away soon and leave my nephew alone.

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