She refers to study than play

The thing that I so wanted the nieces should do is to study their lessons and do their homework before playing.   I always told them about it because they belong to the fast learner class.  They have to always be ready for the lessons so when their teacher asks them, they know the answer.  Though they are doing well on earlier school years, still they need to study more to keep good high grades.  They need to be competitive because their classmates are competitive also.  The nieces should apply more study time and less play time besides they always play last summer.  That was enough I guess.  It is time to study lessons now.

When they arrived at home, I checked if they have homework so they can do it, study lessons and then take some rest for they wake up early because their classes starts 6 in the morning.  I am surprised by the older niece because she prefers to stay at home and study her lessons and not playing.  Among the two nieces, she is the playful one but this time she is not.  I guess she feels the intense competition in her class that is why she needs to study her lessons.  I do hope that she will be doing this until the last day of school so the aim of having high grades will be achieve.  Keep up the good work niece and go for the gold.

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