Uploading Korean songs

First I am addicted to Korean drama, now I am so into their kinds of music.  Although I do not know the meaning of the songs, still I love it because of the lovely melody.  I so wish I understand their language so I can appreciate more their songs.  I fell in love listening to their songs I must say.  I bet is it a very nice song because the songs that I am listening to are the soundtrack from the Korean drama that I have watched.  I so wanted to buy Korean CD but there is none available in my country.  So I opted to download the songs that I like online.

I asked someone about downloading songs online to my computer.  Glad there is a friend who gives me the link and told me what to do.  I have now 16 Korean songs uploaded in my computer and I am listening to it every day.  Yes, been listening to these songs every time I open my computer and doing my online stuffs.  The songs inspire me a lot I must say.  I have some words that I gathered from watching their dramas so I have an idea of the words that I’ve heard in the songs.  I wish to learn more about Korean words/dialects in the future so that when I watch their drama, I do not need to read the English subs below the screen.

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