Reading my accounting book

I suddenly got bored on this gloomy day.  So, I went to my old books and seeing it even if I do not know what I would do with it.  I just need to keep myself and mind busy to get rid of the boredom.  While looking at my books, I just thought of reading my accounting books.  Gosh I missed studying very much.  But I do not have any plans of going back to school though.  I just missed the times where I am so busy studying, computing, memorizing and be with my friends.  My goodness, I am so bored so to speak.  I so wish my friends are near so I can visit them every time I miss them.

Anyways, I ended up reading and looking at my old accounting book.  I smiled looking at it because it brings back the memory when I am so frustrated in computing the balance sheet and income statement.  It was a nightmare so to speak.  But a good experienced though for it tested my patience and endurance.  Reading the accounting book makes me asked myself, why I did not able to use the course that I have finished?  It would have been different if I work in the office, meeting new friends, people and being busy.  I like my job now though, no pressure for I managed my own time.  I can work anytime, anywhere and whenever I want, no one to boss me around because I am my own boss.  Though I get bored sometimes, I love my job now.

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