Cleaning and arranging their stuffs

Because of the festival celebration herein the city, the niece doesn’t have class for three days because their class room will going to use by some visitors in the city.  The niece is so happy in telling me the good news to her.  She is really so happy about it.  She even teases her younger sister who has class that she will be playing a lot while her sister is at school.  If you were to think about it, she is a bit mean to her sister, but she is just expressing her happiness.  Plus she wants her younger sister to get jealous.  Unfortunately her younger sister isn’t jealous at all, because she said, she will have money from her father and her older sister isn’t.  lol Well, kids are kids.

The smiling face of the niece changed into a frown one in the morning when she wakes up.  It is because I did not allow her to play at all.  I give her something to do at home.  I told her to arrange and clean their stuffs.   I want her to learn how to clean and arrange their stuffs because neither I nor her parents will do it all the time for her.  She needs to learn how to clean and arrange it so she won’t do so much mess next time.   And when she is done, that is the time that she can go and play with her friends.  She doesn’t like the idea, but she doesn’t have any choice but to do the chores I give to her.  I did give her something fruitful to do, right?

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