She can relax now

After the congenital ultrasound, the sister was advised to have 2DECHO for the baby.  When the baby was born, the sister opted not to take 2DECHO examinations since the doctor says, it is normal that the heart of every child is open.  Eventually it will be closed as the baby grows older.  However, every day the sister worries that something is wrong with her baby.  So she went to other pediatrician for second opinion.  The pediatrician checked the nephew and said that she doesn’t hear any murmuring sound of the nephew’s heart.  We are relieved after hearing the second opinion.  But still the sister does have worries.

The worries that the sister is having for months arises when the nephew turns so pale and have difficulty in breathing.  That incident makes the sister decides to go to the pediatrician and have the nephew be checked.  The pediatrician said the same thing, however, he said that it is better to pursue the 2DECHO examination to have our peace of mind and we can relax.  Yesterday was the nephew’s schedule for 2DECHO examination.  After 20 of checking, we were told that the nephew’s heart is normal and nothing to worry about.  The sister can relax now and can sleep without any worries about her son’s heart.  Thanks to God.

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