Loves the red color

A week ago, the SIL, kids and I went to the mall to unwind and maybe buy something for the kids.  They used to do going to the mall to spend time with their kids.  It is their way of bonding after the busy week.  They also bring the kids to their favorite fast food chain.  This time I am going with them since their father went to fishing.  The SIL decided to buy new school uniforms, socks, inner for the nieces and shorts and top for the nephew.  IT has been a while since the last time she bought something for the kids.

Since I do not have budget to buy something for myself, I am just doing window shopping and at the same time helping the SIL finding something for her kids.  Also, they asked for my opinion about their choices.  I like the idea that they asked me because it makes me feel like an expert when it comes to fashion. Lol  The SIL found the one she wants to buy for her son, unfortunately the nephew doesn’t like it.  While we are busy looking something for him, he is also busy looking something for himself.  When the SIL and I agreed to buy the one she picks, the nephew gives to us the color red shirt and shorts.  Nyay!  He wants the color red instead of the color blue that we pick.  To me it is unusual because boys do like color blue or green.  Well, we cannot say no to the little one because he is the one who will wear it so we just bought the color red that he likes.

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